With CEO Alejandro Pena In Charge, Keter Embraces Dynamic Growth and Beckoning Future

When Alejandro Pena became the CEO of Keter Group in 2018, the odds are good that he never expected things to go as well as they have gone. Coming from his work at Rubbermaid, Pena arrived at Keter with a ton of ideas, plenty of energy, and a few specific goals.

He wanted to help Keter develop its brand into a unique identity, one that raised durable products while embracing greener outcomes. Additionally, Pena wanted to help Keter expand its operations on a more global level, bringing positive outcomes and products to consumers around the globe.

How did Alejandro Pena find so much success in his first handful of years with the Keter Group? Why has the company enjoyed such prominent growth throughout the industry and the world? Let’s find out together.

Defining an Experience

First and foremost, every great brand understands that they are trying to sell you something specific what that ‘specific something’ that a brand is selling can vary from one situation to the next. Starbucks, as an example, sells the comfort of a coffee shop where you can find affordable drinks, a comfortable space to relax, and the support of a talented barista. When you walk into any Starbucks, you can guess what you are going to get.

In the same way that Starbucks redefined what the casual coffee place should look like, Keter Group is also changing how we address the resin-based outdoor/indoor furniture production company from Israel. With more than 75 years of experience developing sustainable and recyclable products, Keter was ready to grow into new markets under the guiding hands of Alejandro Pena.

Pena points to Keter as an icon of environmentalism and sustainability while offering innovations within the industry itself. Pena says, “Keter is shaping what’s next for a better day (…), and we do it with a sustainable mindset and consciousness.”

Carving Inroads Into New Outcomes

While it may be easy to talk about new outcomes, it takes more work to accomplish them in real-time. Alejandro Pena understood that his efforts would need to lead Keter toward new markets for the company to prosper, and that is exactly where he focused his efforts. Pena says of his goal, “We are a business driven by innovation, we but we also live by the values of being good to the environment and our communities.”

Embracing a corporate strategy focused on innovation, Keter has steadily developed products that benefit their customers while saving them money, an effect earned from Pena’s time at Rubbermaid. Pena says of his experience at Rubbermaid, “I learned about product management, innovation, consumer centricity, and the importance of brands.”

A continued focus on customer data and consumer science has helped Keter to leverage these outcomes into an even stronger future. Pena says, “We will serve our customers wherever they are, whenever they want, in every possible way they want.”

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