Why Is It Important To Integrate Video Into Your Communication Strategy?

In 2020, the video was used by the majority of companies and administrations to develop notoriety, products, sales, and tourist attachment. Find out why this format has imposed itself in France and abroad, thanks to the modern internet, search engines, and social networks, but also at fairs and exhibitions.

How Is Video Situated In Digital Communication?

A video, yes, but why? Making a film is an investment. This must meet needs and objectives. Find out how to integrate clips into your digital communication.

Creating a video is a difficult exercise—especially the first, which is often entrusted to a Communication Agency. Discover the pitfalls to avoid and how to achieve your communication objectives.

How To Properly Prepare Your Video Before Filming?

The video is an artistic product, tailor-made and entirely personalized between the director and the client. Ordering a video is not just about signing the order form. Its creation will require everyone’s involvement to obtain a nice rendering and confidence in video professionals. It is not advisable to want to control everything at all stages. During filming, it is necessary to notify the staff and prepare the site to be filmed. It will be necessary to make compromises on certain images of a film: it will not be possible, for example, to remove a power line or a relay antenna in the middle of a landscape. Our advice so that the film presents your place to be highlighted in the best possible way.

What Budgets Should I Plan For A Corporate Video?

The budget is an important factor. Please find out the prices of the different types of videos from Product Video Production Company for example, with filming or Motion Design, and how to reduce them. Also, find out why hiding your real budget from your video provider to get a price could be better and why it is counterproductive in confidence and the video quality/budget ratio.

How Long Does It Take To Produce A Quality Video?

Creating a film with Gillespie Productions for example takes time, researching ideas, proposing a script, filming, and all the editing, post-production, and distribution parts. We explain what time to expect to obtain a quality film rendering.

What Are The Steps Of The Video, From The First Contact To The Broadcast?

The construction of a film involves different stages. How are they broken down? What steps must be carried out by the communication department or the communication agency, and what are the steps entrusted to the video provider?

Writing a storyboard is an important step to obtaining a video that reflects your image.

This is the key to your video. This step will give meaning to your communication, help video professionals understand your activity and objectives, and detail all the important points to show in the film.

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