What are the Top Transport Hubs in River North?

Are you wondering what the top transport hubs in River North are? Look no further! River North, a vibrant neighborhood in the heart of Chicago, hosts an array of transport hubs that stand as lifelines for both locals and tourists. Not only do these hubs make commuting simple but also provide an experience worthy of admiration. So, let’s check the Top Transport Hubs in River North.

Top Transport Hubs in River North

  • Chicago Union Station: As the third-busiest rail terminal in the United States, the grandeur and history of this hub is something to experience. It’s not just a gateway to other cities, but a destination in itself.
  • Grand/State Subway Station: Key to navigating Chicago’s comprehensive metropolitan transport structure, this station is a popular choice for many given its central location and ease of access.
  • Navy Pier Terminal: An intermodal hub located near the breathtaking Navy Pier; it accommodates a variety of recreational passenger excursions along with commercial routes.
  • Ogilvie Transportation Center: A stellar example of urban transit planning, Ogilvie is a major hub servicing six counties in northern Illinois.

So, you’re probably thinking, “But what makes these transport hubs stand apart?” To answer that, we move on to an overview of what constitutes each hub’s uniqueness and their respective contributions to the city’s transport system.

Why are these the Top Transport Hubs? 

  • Chicago Union Station 

The majesty and history of Chicago Union Station alone make it a popular destination. Train enthusiasts would be thrilled about its rich railway legacy. However, it’s not just for train buffs, as the station’s retail, dining, and entertainment facilities cater to a broader audience. Who can forget the beautiful “Great Hall” with its vaulted skylight?

  • Grand/State Subway Station 

A remarkable aspect of Grand/State Subway Station is its accessibility to Michigan Avenue’s shopping district. Besides, its central location makes it an ideal starting point for navigating the city.

  • Navy Pier Terminal 

The Navy Pier Terminal is more than a mere commuter hub. It provides picturesque views of the city skyline and Lake Michigan, transforming any journey into a delightful cruise.

  • Ogilvie Transportation Center

Ogilvie stands on top when it comes to serving a vast demographic. Besides accommodating local trains, it also facilitates Metra’s commuter rail operations, providing seamless connectivity across northern Illinois.

Wherever you’re heading, these top transport hubs in River North definitely provide a comprehensive, convenient, and comfortable commuting network, vastly enhanced by their unique elements that promise a memorable journey. So, which hub are you boarding at next?


Managing your way around a bustling city like Chicago isn’t as daunting a task thanks to these top transport hubs in River North.

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