Kevin Modany Explores Tips & Tricks That Have Led to Success as an Entrepreneur

An industry stalwart and an entrepreneur with a long resume, Kevin Modany has made a career by guiding his clients through Strategic Planning, Due Diligence, Performance Management, and mergers & acquisitions. The Managing Director at Bluerock Partners since he joined the company in 2016, Modany has blazed a trail for others to follow in his wake.

Taking time to sit down with the team at Ideamensch, Kevin Modany explored some of the core concepts that have guided him throughout his entrepreneurial career.

Creating a Productive Day

Kevin Modany has long believed in the importance of starting the day out right. For that reason, he likes to set his alarm early so that he can spend time catching up with important correspondence.

Modany says of his early work hours, “In the mornings, before most people are up and working, I spend a bit of time catching up on emails and correspondences.”

Understanding that a clear head and a clean to-do list are a great way to start the day, Kevin Modany turns to his list often. Modany says, “I try to keep my day productive by keeping a steady list of things I’m working on and updating.”

Around midday, Modany likes to take some time to himself so that he can slip away for a workout. Taking time for exercise, be it a jog or a trip to the fitness center, is a crucial point of focus for Modany.

Kevin Modany added, “I recommend that everyone try running, or regular exercise, for its many benefits. Running, resistance training, and stretching are typically in my workout repertoire.

Bringing New Ideas to Life

Kevin Modany has to always be on the ball when it comes time to dwell on new concepts and ideas. As an industry innovator and a strategic leader, finding solutions is part and parcel of his job experience.

To help Modany bring new ideas to life, he likes to take both a long and a short view of the tasks ahead of him. Modany says, “I certainly try to paint a picture of the vision and our goals and objectives at a macro level.”

Modany went on to say, “You have the capacity to actually turn those macro thoughts into executable initiatives that align directly with those goals that align with a strategic plan.”

Looking to the future, Kevin Modany is deeply interested in the role that artificial intelligence and machine learning will play in the coming years.

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