Important Decisions You Must Make When Designing Your New Office Layout

Moving offices for a business requires a lot of planning and careful attention to detail, and you must ensure your new office space is suitable for your business. There are many factors to consider when choosing your new office space and even more when designing the layout and floor plan to suit your company’s needs. You do not want to rush the process of selecting and designing your new office space. It is worth consulting a professional office designer to help create a productive workspace for your employees. Below are some factors you must consider when designing your new office layout to help you start planning your office relocation.

The Floor Plan Of Your Office

You will need to consider how you will lay out the floor plan of your office, and you must ensure there is a flowing design to help a smooth workflow. You must ensure that each department has enough space and that there is also space for you to grow. Once you have considered your floor plan for your office, you will need to think about how you will divide the space.

Use Office Partitions

Partitions are a cost-effective and quick way of dividing space in an office, and there are many types of partitions you can consider using in your office design. There is office glass partitioning available in different styles, demountable partitions, which are excellent when the layout of your office changes regularly, or cost-effective drywall partitions. Using glass partitions is a perfect option as they can segregate office areas and maximise natural light, making for a much nicer working environment.

The Light In Your Office

You will want to maximise the natural light in your office, which can help make a much more productive working environment, and you will also want to avoid using harsh strip lighting. Instead, consider investing in LED lighting, which is a little more expensive but uses less power, lasts longer, and is available in many options. You can also consider Smart LED bulbs enabling you to alter the brightness and colour of the office lights, and you can find out more about this lighting option by clicking here.

Controlling The Noise Levels

You will also need to consider the noise levels of your office space and its echo when designing the layout. You can use materials on the ceiling, walls, and floors of your office that can help you control noise, absorb sound, and reduce echo. Consider having a carpet or carpet tile instead of solid floors, which can be noisy and increase the echo of a room, and you can also get sound-absorbing paint.

The Colour Of Your Office

You must also pay attention to the colour scheme of your office, which can profoundly affect your employees’ productivity and creativity. Different colours affect us differently, and you will need to research the best options for your business, depending on the type of work you do. For more information on the psychology of colour in the workplace and how colour can affect us, click here.

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