Exploring Brisbane’s Emerging Industries

As Australia’s third-largest city, Brisbane boasts a diversified economy that has been flourishing in the past few years. With the rise of new businesses and technological advancements, the city is moving towards innovative industries such as biotech, software, education, and more. We’d like to share with you Brisbane’s emerging industries and their potential for growth. After looking at recent developments in the job market we’ll tell you the current situation, and present exciting career opportunities for job seekers.

Brisbane has been experiencing growth across several industries. The healthcare and biotech sectors lead the way in creating an abundance of jobs in the city. The combination of world class research facilities, skilled professionals, and government investment has fuelled the healthcare industry. In the past year, more than 11,000 jobs in Brisbane have been created in this sector. Due to an ageing population, the healthcare industry is expected to keep growing, creating opportunities for professionals with expertise in the field.

As one of the fastest-growing job markets globally, the software industry in Brisbane is actively seeking talented candidates to support its growth. Major software companies such as SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft have set up their bases in Brisbane, attracting a diverse range of professionals who are enthusiastic about new and innovative technologies. For the past year, the average salary for software developers in Brisbane is more than $100k, illustrating the business’s investment in attracting and retaining quality talent.

Education is another industry that has seen significant growth in recent years in Brisbane. Queensland’s universities are continually ranked among the top universities in Australia, providing a significant boost to the education sector. The education industry contributes significantly to the local economy, and it is expected to grow to about £4.5 billion by 2026. With this growth, there will likely be an increase in investment in the sector, and subsequently, many job opportunities.

Brisbane has a robust construction and engineering industry. These sectors have been recently expanding to meet the increasing demand for infrastructure development in the city and the rising population. The government has committed to investing nearly $8 billion in infrastructure projects in the current financial year, opening up several job opportunities in construction and engineering.

The emerging industries offer promising prospects for jobseekers who are looking for a diverse range of career opportunities and the city’s growth has been impressive, with many new industries and technologies emerging to support it. The healthcare and biotech sectors are leading the way in job creation, followed by the software industry, education, and construction and engineering. With all this in mind, it’s an ideal time to consider Brisbane when searching and applying for job opportunities.

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