Are You Interested in Making Any Custom Products Particularly in China?

You can design your product as per the specification that you have decided keeping in view the need of your targeted customer. However, when you are going to do mass production of the same product then there will be several changes needed in the design, keeping in mind several parameters.

Often it has been seen that your prototype model after designing may function quite well, however, when you mass-produce them there will be a certain inconsistency from one product to another. Therefore, there is a lot of involvement of the design team during the mass production of any designed product.

In today’s scenario, China has emerged as the best country to do the mass production of any industrial or consumer product. China over the years has developed a huge production capacity and as result, has taken the status of the world’s factory.

Besides that, the labour cost of China is unbelievably low, so you can have a better profit margin if you decide to produce your designed products in China.

However, if you prefer to customize products in China, then it can also offer you many other challenges. So let us discuss in the post, briefly how you can manage your production of any product in China, designed in your own country.

Before you decide to go for mass production of any product in a different country, for instance, a country like China, you must prepare your design document in addition to a few samples of your product.

Your design document must consist of the following:

  • Complete description of the product
  • Complete drawing of parts with dimension
  • Circuit diagram if there is an electrical/electronic is involved
  • Prepare the bill of materials
  • Environmental condition for its operation
  • Specification of the product
  • Specification and drawing of each component/part used in the product
  • Application of the product
  • Product testing manual
  • Production steps with detailed drawing
  • Quality checking points at each production stage
  • Final product testing
  • Packaging details
  • Product life testing details
  • Environment testing details about your product

When you have prepared a detailed document consisting of the above then you can discuss it with any company that has the capability to produce your product.

How can you make any custom products, particularly in China?


Before you decide to customize products in China, first you need to convince yourself that the company that you have selected is capable of producing as per the required quality as desired.

Also, you must convince yourself that making the decision to do mass production in China will be profitable for your company. After that, the following are the steps that you need to take so that your decision is sustainable and you can have a long-lasting business relationship with the Chinese manufacturer.

  • Do your planning

The decision to customize products in China has certainly a great prospect, however, your journey can be vague if there is no proper strategy in place. Firstly, you must acquaint yourself with the China market, as any newcomers may often fail here.

You must check the depth of the water before you jump into it. If you are quite well-equipped with proper planning and gathered every information, you can achieve what you planned.

  • Get familiarized with the business culture of China

You must understand the business culture in Asian countries and particularly in China, it can be drastically different from the western countries. There can be many surprises that you may face.

Also, the work culture may vary from one company to another. So, before venturing into your new project, get yourself well acquainted with the culture of China as far as doing business is concerned.

China is a pretty large country with different geographical conditions and environmental conditions may vary from place to place.

  • Identify the factory

Perhaps you have to spend maximum time deciding on the right factory that can produce your product. You being the original designer of the product and hence to customize products in China you must see very carefully the following about the factory:

  • What is the production capacity?
  • How technically competent the engineers are?
  • How much can they grasp your technology?
  • What is their quality system?
  • What is their process of production?
  • Establish your proper supply chain

You must also properly set up your entire supply chain. You must also look for various ancillaries and vendors who can support your chosen factory to do the production in a smooth manner.

From the bill of material that will be needed for the product, how the supply chain will go and what are the IQC (Incoming Quality Control) procedures in place with your chosen factory.

  • Conduct a thorough quality check of prototypes

Unless you thoroughly test the prototype made by your chosen factory in China, you will never know how much the engineers have grasped the technology that you have transferred to them.

Therefore, you need to check the product for all possible quality parameters that you have set for your product and also documented them. It is also necessary that you check the prototype under different environmental conditions to know how it can perform in different geographical conditions.

  • Know how to negotiate

Finally, customising things in China necessitates honing your negotiating skills. In all of their dealings, Chinese manufacturers place high importance on trust and transparency. As a result, you must approach your negotiation with caution.

You should try to develop a personal relationship with the manufacturer as much as possible so that they may trust you and also your company. The goodwill you generate over time is the most important factor in the success of your company.

Understand the entire terms and conditions prepared for the manufacturing contract and keep your cool during the process of negotiation.


Surely, the initial period will be quite stressful and messy when you customize products in China and face plenty of communication problems too. However, that should not mean that it is impossible to do.

If you have done your homework well as suggested in this post, you can earn a great profit with this decision. You need to keep a proper tab on the quality parameters of the item produced in China, which is the crux of the matter.

If you have an agent in China, who can do all the coordination on your behalf can be of great help to achieve your success in this venture.

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