Accounting Firms: Why You Can’t Recruit

“There is a shortage of competent profiles,” “the job of accountant no longer attracts. There are many misconceptions about the difficulties of recruiting within your accounting firm such as Lewis CPA for example. Are the finance professions a sector in tension? No.

Your problem does not lie in your field of activity. But, most often, in your recruiting process. Here is a summary of recurring errors or difficulties encountered by accounting firms when recruiting.

  1. A Poor Definition Of The Profile Sought In An Accounting Firm

This is the first step in recruiting. But also the most committed error: the poor definition of the need.

When we think of a future employee, every employer dreams of the rare pearl, the ideal profile.

Successful recruitment requires a good definition of the profile sought. But what is a “good definition”?

Two options. Either target the candidate you want: diploma, experience, technical skills, tools mastered, managerial skills, etc. Either define the payroll budget you are ready to offer the future employee.

Know that both must be compatible, which is the key to the success of your recruitment process. Offer a position whose requirements align with the working conditions and remuneration!

Be realistic, and adjust your requirements in terms of diploma and experience according to the missions of the position. Emphasize the skills required or the mastery of certain tools. Conversely, there is no question of overselling the position to be filled or dangling broken promises. The candidate would quickly realize this upon integration, which would only lead to disappointment and frustration. A good definition of the profile sought is an essential step in successful recruitment. Understand What Is Negative Cash Flow and it impact here.

  1. A Passive Attitude To Recruit

Accounting firms do not enjoy the same popularity as CAC 40 companies. And as a result, you do not attract hundreds of unsolicited applications each month from candidates from the best schools or universities. Nor is it about posting an ad and waiting for applications to come in. Be more active than just a fisherman waiting for the fish to bite at the end of the line.

You thought that posting an ad online would be enough to find the rare pearl?

Not only are you perhaps the only accounting firm looking for future collaborators. But if, in addition, the candidates do not know you, why would they apply to you? Like small or medium-sized businesses, you need to make yourself known. You suffer from a lack of notoriety and visibility. To attract the best profiles, you must develop your employer brand through word of mouth, your network, and your website. You must make your accounting firm visible and talk about your recruitment. Everyone knows someone who knows someone looking for a new job.

We return to the previous point. Your accounting firm must offer satisfactory salary conditions to enjoy a good reputation. The accounting professions are cyclical, with very busy periods and other quieter ones depending on fiscal calendars. The working conditions in your firm also contribute to your image as an employer.

  1. The Lack Of Attractiveness Of Your Accounting Firm

All candidates today have the same reflex when applying for an ad. They go to the employer’s website. It’s the only means of information they have to get to know the company, its history, and future managers. Make a good first impression. Take care of the visual aspect of the website in your image! Graphics and colors should reflect the mood of your practice. Are you one of those austere accounting firms, or are you young and dynamic? The candidate must be able to project himself within the firm. So, tell the story of your firm and personalize it with photos of your employees. Increase the attractiveness of your website, not only for your potential customers but also for your future recruits.

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