4 Important Tips For Hosting A Pop-Up Retail Event

A great number of online retailers are finding themselves in a position and with enthusiasm to join the high street. The transition from a website to a brick-and-mortar store, however, can be intimidating and many will first choose to host a pop-up retail event to establish themselves.

It isn’t only new businesses that choose to do this either and many established brands will host pop-up events in areas as a way to ascertain the potential success of new venues. By hosting a temporary event, retailers can gauge audience reception, improve their understanding of an area, and generally see if their brand is an appropriate fit for a certain geographic location.

Such events, however, require planning, and there are four essential considerations that must be made before retailers begin opening their doors to the general public.

Hone Your Brand

Pop-up events are samples of a larger brand offering. They should not overwhelm or confuse customers and it is, instead, best to choose a small selection of products or services that represent your brand. Doing so also alleviates the pressure of organisation and allows a retail venture to fit into a temporary setting more easily.

Pop-up shops are often, for example, limited in their capacity, with retailers having limited time to customise the store layout and design. Therefore, having a simple and clear intention in mind is far more advantageous for a new retailer.

Effective Design 

Pop-up events have only a brief period of time to engage customers, which is why their design and aesthetic are crucial. All elements of retail furniture and shelving should be considered, from window displays being eye-catching and emblematic of brand values to signs and sign fittings having a clearly displayed and well-presented message.

Informed Staff 

The staff members that host your pop-up event should be able and willing to epitomise your brand, relaying important information to customers, as well as delivering the right personality to represent your values.

Be sure to spend time with your staff prior, engaging them with the product and service so as to pass on your own expertise and passion. It is also important that staff members are made familiar with the store’s layout and operation to prevent issues during the event. Reference sheets are also useful for staff members since they can be utilised during the event, preventing disruption and confusion.

Safety First

Due to the nature of pop-up events, with staff being placed in new scenarios and operations generally being more quickly arranged, risk assessments and training are important. Such safety concerns might feel like they detract from the excitement of organising a pop-up retail event but they are crucial for the safety of staff and customers alike.

Depending on your chosen venue, site owners will likely be able to supply their own risk assessment that can be combined with one designed by your own business, allowing temporary shop spaces to operate safely and with due oversight of their operation.

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